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Car Window Tinting Price List

Description Retail price Ceramic Upgrade Price (CTX)
8 in Windshield Strip $30 N/A
Single Cab Truck $129 $199
2 Door Coupe $199 $299
4 Door Sedan $199 $299
4 Door Truck $199 $299
SUV or Wagon $229 $329

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*Some makes and models are subject to different pricing that may cost more, these prices reflect prices for most common cars.

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How it Works

Window Tinting is able to block harmful UVA and UVB rays and reject Infrared and Solar energy. It provides strong protection against bothersome glares, while keeping you and your belongings safe, giving you more privacy.

Take a look at what your car would look like with LLumar Films:

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*Not all lines and shades are kept in stock.

Our installation process usually takes less than a few hours so most jobs are completed in one day.
Our safe install process doesn’t require any door panels or windows to be removed.